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The Information about R/C Quikspin 360 Drift Racer

Quick as lightning and more fun than the Indy 500, our new QUIKSPIN Drift Racer turns on a dime and does zero to Wow! in less than two seconds. It’s perfect for kids who love speed, flashing lights, and non-stop action. The Drift Racer comes with either a 27 or 40 MHz remote (equipped with an antenna for extra range) that gives drivers pinpoint precision with its two thumb toggles. The left toggle governs the left rear wheel (forward or backward); the right toggle controls the right wheel. Push both toggles simultaneously for straight-line speed and cross-country races. The fun continues when you activate one toggle at a time. Then the Racer does endless 360s, and slick sideways drift slides becoming a blur of motion and Xenon lights (headlamps and taillights). Assorted 4 Styles/Colors. Racer requires 3 AAA batteries. Remote Controller uses one 9V battery. Ages 3 & up.

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